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Pipeworks is a world-class games-as-a-service studio creating the next generation of live games for console, PC, tablet, and mobile players.

Fifteen years of innovation have led us to the next big thing: brilliant live games that are cloud-connected, data-rich, and continuously updated to keep our players having fun and coming back for more—no matter what device they like to play games on. We are a complete games-as-a-service developer backed by Foundation 9 Entertainment with great people, proven technology, and a long track record of creating best-selling games for the new generation of players.



Pipeworks is dedicated to developing and operating the best live games on all platforms and devices. Great games, full live teams, proven COSOMO back-end technology, and sophisticated data/business intelligence.


Pipeworks has always focused on innovation and execution. From launch titles for new platforms, to transplatform/multiscreen experiences, to sophisticated simulation games for the armed services, we push the limits and always pull it off.


World Series of Poker and Wheel of Fortune. Zumba Fitness and Dancing with the Stars. Deadliest Warrior and Devil May Cry HD Collection. Rampage and Godzilla. Pipeworks conceives and creates the most innovative games on the market today.

Our Partners


We are proud of our longstanding relationships with clients and partners in four markets: Games, Media & Entertainment, Defense, and Corporate. Our diversity has enabled us to create world-class technology with great benefits to other markets, such as simulation games with analytics that can effectively train our armed forces. At the same time, our complete games-as-a-service capabilities enable our clients to trust us to take care of business in a way that few developers can.




Game Publishers

We’ve worked with the top game publishers in the world on all platforms. In a live games world, publishers trust Pipeworks to provide services and expertise that most developers can’t, including back-end tech, live ops, community management, cert and stress testing, and BI.






Throughout our 15 years we’ve worked closely with media and entertainment companies, creating hit games that are true to their IP. Now, media companies often come to us directly for turnkey games-as-a-service solutions to bring their properties to market and beyond.






Since 2005, Pipeworks has worked with the Department of Defense to create state-of-the-art simulations used for training members of the military with proven effectiveness. Our back-end technology provides powerful tools and analytics for instructors.






Whether it’s a game portal with a powerful digital loyalty system, an award-winning factory simulation, or a Kinect-powered virtual shopping app, corporate clients trust Pipeworks to create innovative commercial solutions leveraging our state-of-the-art live game technology.



Our Games


At Pipeworks, our teams are passionate about creating great live games that are perfectly in tune with their players, IP, and platforms. We are not a one-dimensional studio—the depth and breadth of our portfolio is one of the hallmarks of Pipeworks. Three number one games to date (Zumba Fitness, Deadliest Warrior, and Deadliest Warrior Legends) and many million-sellers are testaments to our ability to create hit after hit.


  • Godzilla Smash3

    Unleash the power of Godzilla and conquer your foes in this unique mix of jaw-dropping 3D action and challenging puzzles. With Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures and RoguePlay.

  • WSOP: Full House Pro

    Compete in the World Series of Poker against players on Xbox consoles, PCs, and tablets—all at the same table. The most graphically stunning and best-playing poker game on the market is free-to-play on all platforms. With Microsoft Games Studios and Caesars Entertainment.


    Take part in the competition from your browser with beautiful 3-D motion-captured dancers from the hit show. Free-to-play game features include dancer customization, mastering dance moves, choreography and set design, competition, and voting. With Bigpoint and BBC Worldwide.

  • Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy!

    America’s favorite game shows, faithfully and playfully brought to life on 360, PS3, and Wii, and as launch titles for Wii-U. Pipeworks developed two seasons of both franchises, selling millions of units and featuring the stars’ voice talents. With THQ and Sony Pictures.


    Featuring the instant-action fighting of games like Bushido Blade with over-the-top fatalities and the greatest warriors throughout history. Pipeworks created all three DW games for Xbox 360 and PS3, hitting number one on Xbox Live twice. With 345 Games and Spike TV.


    The worldwide number one phenomenon was a breakthrough on 360 Kinect, Wii, and PS3 Move, with millions and millions of players in 75 countries. Developed in close collaboration with Zumba founders and star instructors as a launch title for Kinect and Move. With Majesco and Zumba.


    Creating three of the seminal Godzilla games (Destroy All Monsters, Save the Earth, and Unleashed) helped put Pipeworks on the map early in our history. Our team worked closely with Toho, even creating new original monsters to add to the Godzilla universe. With Atari and Toho.


    ISR is a state-of-the-art simulator used to train Intelligence-Signals-Reconnaissance operators at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center with proven effectiveness in complex real-world scenarios. Part of Pipeworks’ long history with the U.S. Army, Raytheon, ISC, and Invism.

  • Coming Soon!

    An original mobile strategy game that combines turn-based combat with character decks in magical and graphically-stunning battles. Collect your heroes, build your deck, and go to battle. For tablets and mobile devices.



    In the olden days, games came on a plastic disc in a cardboard box. Players would go to the mall, pick up a game for 60 bucks, and—if enough people did the same thing—a sequel would come out a year or two later. Now, games are digital and players can download them on demand, often for free. Players are instantly connected with their friends and competitors, and fresh content is available all the time.

    This brave new world is called “Games-as-a-Service.” It’s an awkward name with profound implications, like MP3s replacing CDs or on-demand movies replacing DVDs. Live games, as we like to call them, originated with MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) and really took off when mobile games exploded. Now, with next-generation consoles embracing games-as-a-service, live games are the norm and—most important—what the new generation of players expects.

    Pipeworks embraced live games years ago when the future was still the future. We create brilliant live games for all platforms that have deep data insights, social connections, and always fresh content that keeps our players having fun and coming back for more.



    Not only do we develop games for all console, PC, and mobile platforms, we are one of the only studios in the world that can connect devices together for transplatform multiplayer, multiscreen interactions, on all devices.


    Our proven, scaleable COSOMO™ cloud-based technology handles all gameplay servers, social interactions, in-game economies, data analytics and warehousing, content management, and web connections.


    Economy design should be integral and organic to the player’s experience. We create sophisticated simulations to model monetization potential, monitor KPIs daily, and optimize the live economy to maximize business performance.


    Pipeworks offers expert data design, informative and accessible dashboards, complete game and economic telemetry on any platform, and data warehousing to secure critical game data.


    Life begins at launch. Our live teams provide dedicated content and feature updates, multiplatform deployments, scalable cloud server management, and management of economy, community, support, and testing teams.


    Our excellent in-house quality assurance testing group can handle all development testing, including functional testing, play testing, stress testing, build validation, and A/B testing.


    Community is integral to user acquisition and retention. We build and engage community well before launch through dedicated websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, in-game feeds, and fan forums.


    Live games exist in a dynamic environment that’s changing all the time. Our teams are there throughout the life cycle to ensure that games are up and running at their best.


    Recent news




    Rogue Play, an indie publisher of quality mobile mid-core games, today announced its all-new title Godzilla – Smash3 will be available for free on May 16 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Godzilla’s mobile gaming debut, launching alongside the worldwide theatrical release of the highly anticipated film “Godzilla” from Warner Bros. Pictures and […]

    Amazon3 copy

    Today Microsoft Studios announced the most visually stunning digital poker game on the market—”World Series of Poker®: Full House Pro.” Coming Spring 2013 and available on Xbox 360 and Windows 8, “World Series of Poker: Full House Pro” takes the Xbox LIVE Arcade hit “Full House Poker,” to a whole new level. Poker players can […]


    Join the fun and excitement of America’s favorite game shows Wheel of Fortune and JEOPARDY!, now available for the new Nintendo Wii U. IT’S TIME FOR “AMERICA’S FAVORITE GAME SHOW”: WHEEL OF FORTUNE! Put your puzzle solving skills to the test and win it all by advancing to the Bonus Round. Join host Pat Sajak […]


    Why Pipeworks?

    Pipeworks is a great place to work. We’re a studio with talented people, cutting-edge projects, stability, and variety—all in a location with a wonderful quality of life. Our culture embraces creativity and technology, work and play, experience and innovation, teamwork and entrepreneurship. If you are talented, motivated, seeking both challenge and balance, and passionate about making the next generation of live games, check us out.



    Why Eugene? It’s a great place to live, work, and play in the spectacular Pacific Northwest.

    Eugene is also a center of games. Way back when (in 1984) the legendary Dynamix was formed here by University of Oregon grads, and Eugene was suddenly one of the early world centers of game development. In 1999, Pipeworks was spawned from Dynamix. Zynga, Disney Social Games, Sunstone Games, Mad Otter, and a large number of technology companies now call Eugene home.

    A vibrant college town, the home of the University of Oregon, Eugene is minutes from Oregon wine country and fly-fishing, an hour from the amazing Oregon coast, the beautiful Cascade Mountains and skiing, and a couple of hours from the hipster mecca of Portland. It’s a place where people really enjoy the outdoors, and no, it doesn’t rain nearly as much as it does in Seattle.

    The Pipeworks studio is in the heart of downtown Eugene. There are lots of places to walk to for lunch, several nearby arcades, events and festivals most weekends, and a lively arts scene. And the food: Northwest cuisine is everything it’s hyped up to be. Add in amazing coffee, Oregon wines, and the center of the craft beer world, and there’s nothing Eugene doesn’t have.

    Eugene is a great place to live and a great place to raise a family. Especially compared with other game centers, the cost of living is surprisingly low here. Homes are affordable. There’s (literally) no traffic, free parking everywhere, baristas that know your name, and an airport where security lines are nonexistent. A great combination of lots-to-do, low cost of living, and the great outdoors—What’s not to love?

    Our Values


    A strong vision is core to our studio and our games. We excel in providing creative solutions to challenging problems. Every game we create starts with a clear understanding of what the end product has the potential to be and what is most important to our players, clients, and teams. Vision includes not only the end product but also how to get there, the path to success, and heavy iteration.


    Great execution is how we make our visions reality. To execute well we must plan well, meet our commitments, and follow through to completion. It is critical to our business and our products that we deliver high-quality results on time and enable everyone on our team to succeed. All of us take our commitment to great execution seriously and always work to improve.


    Excellence in our craft is our passion. We take pride in creating extraordinary things. It is the knowledge, skills, and experience that enable us to bring out the best in our work. We study our craft and continuously hone our skills to become the best at what we do. We focus on quality in our work and take great pride in an end product that showcases excellence and production values.


    Teamwork drives everything. A team is greater than the sum of its parts when all are working together to create excellence. We treat all involved—coworkers, partners, and players—as a part of our team, and with honesty and respect. Our communication creates an environment where we help each other and drive to make Pipeworks a great studio and a successful business.


    A healthy dose of play keeps our games and our studio fun. We play our games, we play other games, and we take the time to play inside and outside of work. We seek to create an infectious sense of fun in our games by walking the walk. We don’t take ourselves too seriously even though we take our jobs very seriously, and we never forget that, after all, we make games for a living.


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